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So you want to be a SOrCE Member?

1. What is SOrCE?

Students Organizing Conventions Everywhere (SOrCE) is an open network of youth organisations which are non-governmental and non-profit and aim to organize international youth festivals all around the world. These festivals have a thematic focus on an international level and provide a platform for youth exchange. The members exchange information and experiences, inspire youth to begin new initiatives and support emerging festivals. Members promote international interaction among young individuals and organisations for mutual understanding among different cultures. It is an umbrella organisation of international student-organised conferences based on multicultural exchange, tolerance and anti-discrimination.

2. Who are the current active members?

  • ISFiT (Trondheim, Norway, every 2 years, next: February 2021, topic: Creating Knowledge)
  • ISWI (Ilmenau, Germany, every 2 years, next: May 2021, topic: tba)
  • GrIStuF (Greifswald, Germany, every 2 years, next: June 2020, topic: From Ego to Echo)
  • SCiM (Maribor, Slovenia, every year, next: July 2020, topic: tba)
  • ISWiB (Belgrade, Serbia, every year, next: July 2020, topic: tba)
  • ISWinT (Timisoara, Romania, every year, next: July/August 2020, topic: tba)

3. Who are the current observer members?

  • ISWIT (Djerba & Zarzis, Tunisia, first time August 2019, topic: Meet the professional you)
  • ISWIP (Lahore, Pakistan, first time October/November 2019, topic: Beyond Perception)

4. What do we look for in new members?

Our main requirement is that you are a student organisation that creates conferences that promote intercultural exchange, and that you can identify with the above vision. To become a full member you should have already organised a conference (otherwise you can obtain the ‘observer’ status)

4. What benefits are there to being a SOrCE member?

  • The SOrCE network can spread the word about your conference to its network of contacts, giving you many more potential participants
  • Knowledge and expertise gained by one conference can be shared between all of them, to improve and develop each other or give assistance in organising a conference for the first time
  • Arrange dates etc. of the conferences to avoid clashes
  • Delegates from the other SOrCE conferences can attend each conference to experience them first-hand and give feedback
  • You get to many more people that are engaged in similar work all around the world
  • It’s fun!

5. What are the responsibilities of members?

  • At least one responsible person from the organisation should be nominated as a representative to the SOrCE network.
  • They keep in contact with the network, let their team know about the network and what it is doing, and let the network know about their planned conferences, projects and other information
  • They allow delegates from the other SOrCE conferences to visit their conferences, without them having to apply through the usual process
  • SOrCE meetings are to take place approximately every year, and all member conferences can send 2 representatives (or more if allowed by the host conference)
  • Applicants that have not yet organised a conference can apply for the ‘observer’ status, which has all the rights of full members except for the right to vote on matters of the network. Once they have organised a conference they can apply to become full members.

6. Still interested?

  • If you’re still keen to become a part of our organisation, simply contact us here. To help find out more about your organisation, we have prepared the following list of questions:
    • When was your organisation founded?
    • Where is your organisation situated?
    • How can your organisation be contacted? (website, email, facebook,…)
    • What is your motivation for becoming a SOrCE member? (what do you expect from being part of the network and what will you bring to the network)
    • What is the legal form of your organisation? (NGO, non-profit, etc.)
    • How many members does your team have at this point?
    • Have you had any conferences yet? If so, how many?