What is ISFiT?

The International Student Festival in Trondheim (ISFiT), is the world’s largest international student festival. It has been organized every second year since 1990, gathering students from all over the world for ten days of dialogue, cultural events, workshops and more. The next festival takes place in February 2021, and will invite 500 students from over 100 different countries to discuss the theme Creating Knowledge. Will you join us?


ISFiT21: Creating Knowledge

The theme for ISFiT21 is “Creating Knowledge”. With this theme we want to explore challenges and opportunities related to knowledge. Because what is really knowledge? What implications does it have that knowledge is constructed, that the spreading of knowledge is regulated and that we have easier access to some knowledge than others? And how can we as students take an active part in creating knowledge?

Knowledge is all-embracing and essential, it is what we do every day and who we are. Knowledge is power – therefore we must discuss it!

With more than 450 volunteers, the organisation hope to make this a festival that will inspire and encourage the participants to join each other in conversation about the theme, to listen and accept all the different opinions. The organisation aspire to help these participants come up with possible solutions to the problems they face in their countries and at their universities, and believe the best way to do so is through dialogue and intercontinental networking.

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